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(CLASSIC: from Sahmerdan, Yapi Kredi Publishers)

Sait Faik, one of the most prominent short-story writers of Turkish literature, is deservedly known as “the Chekhov of Turkey”. His unique realism, touched by a deep lyricism, is unmatched, making him one of the great authors in Turkish literature.

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(MODERN: from Gecegezen Kizlar, Yapi Kredi Publishers)

Tomris Uyar is one of the most original voices in modern Turkish literature, renowned as a short-story writer as well as a prolific translator of English literature. She had written many short-stories in a variety of styles. Her short-stories involve innovative features and an elegant poetic language.
In “Night-roaming Girls”, Tomris Uyar tells a modern story like a fairy-tale. She excels at creating for the reader both a realistic and fabulous atmospehere throughout the story. In this way, she manages to explore a universal theme as the hardships that women suffer in modern world.

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