Amy Marie Spangler, translator of Turkish and lecturer at Boğaziçi University, recommends…


Sevgi Soysal is a seminal author in Turkey whose keen wit combined with a political sharpness that led her to influence many writers who came after her. She was especially known for addressing gender issues in an insightful yet highly entertaining manner, hence the story I recommend: ‘The Perforated Amulet’.


The contemporary author I have chosen to submit is Ahmet Büke. He is a young author who has already won Turkey’s two most prestigious literary awards for the short story. He has in many ways become the voice of his generation, a generation that ‘didn’t have its coup’, do to speak, and is therefore thought of as less political, but is actually very political in its own way. The story I have chosen to recommend, ‘Saturday Mother’, is particularly exemplary of this. His stories often have an elusive quality to them that requires multiple readings, but as you peel back the layers, you reap the rewards.

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