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(CLASSIC: from Chekhov: The Comic Stories, Andre Deutsch)

It is astonishing to think that Chekhov wrote this satirical story in 1880, one of 528 stories he wrote, half of which are comic. It feels as fresh, daring and funny as an experimental, genre-busting ‘anti-story’ of our times. The fiction he mocks is brought alive, as is the social and popular literary history of Chekhov’s time.

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(MODERN: from A Way to Catch the Dust, Mango)

Grenadian writer Jacob Ross’s exemplary short story, set in the Caribbean, is about how far a mother will go to protect her children. Norma has discovered that her teenage son has fallen prey to the “niceness” – heroin – and she is on a mission to do something about it, perhaps something unthinkable. The way in which the suspense is built is masterful as Ross sets the scene for a drama that is unpredictable, psychologically-probing, quietly-deadly, shocking, spine-chilling.

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