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(CLASSIC: 1976)

This is an atypical novel, composed of several short stories. A set of parables based on the miracles of the New Testament, the book rewrites the story of Jesus from the perspective of Judas (who is obsessed with the idea that prophecy must be fulfilled) and from that of the individuals upon whom miracles were performed—without their consent and ultimately to their horrific detriment. Filled with humour and poignancy, The Time of Miracles is a trenchant commentary on the power of ideology in one’s life, upon what it means to hold beliefs, and upon the nature of faith.

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Marija Knezevic’s prose evidently evokes Gogol’s and Harms’ heritage when it is about her specific sense for humor. Even her most poetic stories are quite deliberately colored by that very specific tragic comical angle which, in her opinion, opens a lot of space not only for imagination, but for perceptiveness on the first place and, finally, wisdom. Her stories (especially in the book ‘Fabula rasa’) are placed somewhere in-between well observed bare reality and its fantastic echo in the writer’s mind.

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