Sarah Selecky, Canadian Short Story Writer, recommends…

(CLASSIC: from her book with the same title, 1990)

Sadly, Bronwen Wallace didn’t even live to see her first book of short stories in print. In Canada we have a short fiction award in her name; it’s given to an emerging woman writer under the age of 35 (the age Bronwen Wallace died). Today, her award might be more well-known than her stories, which is a shame. All of her stories are moving, careful, and real: this story handles the depth and delicacy of female friendships especially well.

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(MODERN: from Oxygen, 2000)

This is a story about family, responsibility, and the ever-present fear/love continuum we find in relationships that matter to us. What makes it so special is the way it makes you laugh and breaks your heart – simultaneously. And isn’t that an accurate way to evoke the form and spirit of family itself?

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