Craig Pay, writer and organiser of Manchester Speculative Fiction, recommends

(CLASSIC: first published in Orbit Science Fiction, Hanro Corporation)

I like my sci-fi either near-future or contemporary with a twist. Adjustment Team was first published back in 1956 and the themes raised back then still seem to resonate to this very day. You might be familiar with the 2011 film Adjustment Bureau which was based, rather loosely, on this short story. What I love about Dick’s work, and Adjustment Team in particular, are the questions that are raised
about the very nature of reality and our place in the world.

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(MODERN: from Rewired, Tachyon Press)

I spent my teenage years reading Gibson and Sterling. I loved cyberpunk back then and I love what the sub-genre has evolved into: post-cyberpunk, biopunk, call it what you will. The Calorie Man, by newish writer-on-the-block, Paolo Bacigalupi, focuses on a number of near-future issues such as the deterioration of the environment, the exhaustion of fossil-based resources, intellectual property misuse and global corporate dominance.

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